review: Resolution by Desperate Journalist


desperate-journalist-press-2016-770x513by Eloise Bulmer

Ringing in the new year with a brand new song from their upcoming album, Desperate Journalist’s ‘Resolution’ is full of chiming guitars and lyrics sung with conviction. The track kicks of the new year with a melancholy note, with a sweeping and mournful sound that wraps up what 2016 was to many people.

Vocalist Jo Bevan explains the story behind the track:

“The song was written in a hotel room after a New Year’s Eve party when I was feeling particularly peculiar, unable to drink and on a lot of codeine. NYE is obviously an unusually heightened time to feel completely out of the loop with a group and when that happens to me, like everything else I can’t really cope with, I romanticise it into filmic fragments.

The countdown to midnight was dramatized massively by the band we were watching (as is standard), and I couldn’t escape fixating on teenage thoughts like: how many cliched repetitive conversations/Fun Times you have with people on Significant Days of the Year, how emotionally awkward the midnight kiss was for so many of us, the people making big pointless romantic gestures, and the general warm frenzy of everyone else from the weird cold bubble of where I was. So broadly speaking, the song is about being detached and overstimulated.”

The track is released on the build up to their second album ‘Grow Up’ which will be released on the 24th of March, and is sure to get an airing at their headline show at Scala on the 6th of April.


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