LOUD WOMEN X-Mas Grotto: The Nyx, Baby Seals, I.V. + GUTTFUL – 02/12/16

An awesome review of our xmas gig from the awesome Parallel Magazine – thanks Honor Ash! xxx

Parallel Magazine

Stepping into the basement of Vegbar in Brixton you are immediately greeted with the sound of swelling guitars and golden streamers entangling with your appendages. This set the scene for the rest of the evening with loud punky feminist glitterbomb vibes. 


Opening the night were Guttfull with an incredibly strong debut gig. The guitar sound was full and swelled into energetic numbers reminiscent of Bikini Kill if they had a baby with the Undertones, and adopted a saxophone player. Apparent in their lyrics is a strong awareness of feminist interactions online with songs such as “Not All Men” and “Keyboard Warrior”, with Moe’s delivery of these showing incredible promise for what is a very young band. The highlight of their set was their closing number called Mafu, a Samoan word meaning grotty or unpleasant. 


Next up came a change of pace, delivered by poet Nadia Drews. Drawing on…

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