LOUD WOMEN Scene Report: Brighton

Brighton’s DIY music scene is volcanic, so where better to start with the first of our LOUD WOMEN UK scene reports. Many thanks for the tips from our seaside sisters: Cess Greenness, Maeve Devine and Chuck Hay.

Artists to check out

Venues we love

The Hope and RuinArtista and the Marwoods cafés although they do have stairs so they’re not wheelchair accessible, same with The Hope and Ruin. The Brunswick has good sound in both rooms. Junkyard Dogs is lovely (and small) and ran by two awesome ladies. An increasing number of venues don’t allow drums anymore due to noise restrictions. The Marlborough pub and theatre is “dead queer” and has an exhibit in call ‘the museum of transology’ – they do gigs upstairs sometimes.

Top nights out

  • FemFriday, 1st Friday of the month. Fallopian TunesAcoustic acts and small bands at Artista.
  • FemRock at the Green Door Store. Riot grrrl/punk/rock.
  • The Cowley Club (anarchist club) has riot grrrl events on now and then.
  • Bitch Craft at Sticky Mike’s Frog bar: last Friday of the month, lady-led psychedelia with free entry.
  • Party in Your Pants at the Joker: a “Free the Nipple” type club night, with body painting by Judi Thomas.
  • Fallopian Tunes put on gigs and club nights with female DJs in Brighton and surroundings (Worthing)
  • FemAle is an ale festival dedicated to beer brewed by women, usually with female bands on
  • Gal Pals is a new girls/queer club night at the Komedia.
  • Riots Not Diets shows at the Westhill Hall are usually really nice too:
    BYOB, accessible and lots of women in bands.

While you’re down there …

  • Go record shopping at Resident Records
  • Check out the Burning of the Clocks on 21 December
  • Swim in the sea!

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