by tim forster

The Franklys: Jennifer Ahlkvist, Fanny Broberg, Zoe Biggs and Lexi Clark. Tim interviewed the band by email.

could you give us an overview of The Franklys?
Two of us are from Sweden and two from England, and we play frenetic garage rock with heavy and psychedelic overtones á la Led Zeppelin-Blondie-Strokes-QOTSA-punk-pop-rock-madness. We’ve toured across both the UK/Europe and America, including festival slots at Isle of Wight, Download Festival and Camden Rocks, and our debut album is out early 2017!

what artists have influenced you?
BlondieThe StrokesLed ZeppelinQueens of the Stone AgeArctic MonkeysThe RunawaysGreen Day, to name but a few. Bands that we are currently enjoying … Petrol GirlsThe TutsWHITELa LuzMuncie Girls and Tom Jones.

how would you describe your sound?
We never want to be put in a ‘box’ so we try to get lots of different elements or the unexpected into our songs, whilst keeping a sort of heavy garage rock backbone to it. We definitely sound different to how we did a few years ago, and that’s great because you want to keep pushing forward.

you play a broad spectrum of gigs: from Isle of Wight to Download to LOUD WOMEN to small town venues. is it hard to adjust to different settings?
There’s no denying there is a different feeling and vibe to those varying venues, but we never change or try and stifle our performance for anything. Even on the tiniest of stages (or floors!) we are still trying to bring as much energy to it as possible, which usually means a guitar in the face or a cymbal in the back, but it’s all part of it!

the rock scene is historically very macho – but do you think things are improving? Casual sexism, overt sexism … it’s still out there and still happening, of course not only in this industry. Personally I feel like things are improving, but there is such a long way to go and we have to keep pushing for changes. Maybe it’s because of who I follow on Twitter, Instagram etc. but there seem to be a lot more visibility of musicians who are female than there ever was, and it’s getting better every day. But, then again … in the mainstream, I’m not convinced many are breaking through to the public consciousness, which means you have to really seek these out and be motivated to do so.

  • “How many male musicians do you think have had a sound engineer come up to them and try to change the settings on their guitar for them in the middle of a soundcheck? Or has anyone ever said, ‘oh you play well, for a boy’?”

We are still scratching our heads over this A+ comment from a sound engineer the other week ‘oh where’s the drummer, probably gone off to buy some new shoes…’, hmm …

what plans do you have for the coming year?
We are currently finishing up mixing and mastering our debut album, which will be released early next year. It’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. And we have just announced a few live dates, which you can check out here. We’ll be celebrating the launch of our new single with a gig at The Shacklewell Arms on 2nd November, hope to see you there!