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Nat Vazer: Higher Places – video of the day

Today’s video of the day is the Lynch-tastic ‘Higher Places’ by Melbourne’s Nat Vazer. She says:

The clip was filmed at Manorism studios which used to be a theatre in the 1940s and 50s. We wanted to capture the essence of a past-time for this video so I thought the studio would suit that, and it was also pretty versatile which was handy for all the different scenes. We filmed the clip over a 9 hour day but most of that time was actually spent on constructing the set, playing around with different ideas and working out the lighting situ.

There’s this theme of otherworldliness and play with light and dark which has been very much influenced by David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’. But the idea of the smokey haze, the silhouettes and having an old phone and TV on set is also taken from the neo-noir film ‘Lost Highway’ which is a classic Lynch film. As we were in isolation, the filming was a slow process with only two of us. We also had a limited budget so all our props were secondhand and picked up from Facebook Marketplace and hard rubbish. It was a very DIY approach – we used zip ties, a metal rod and cut up fabric to make curtains.”

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Nat Vazer: Grateful – IWD track of the day

Today’s track of the day is ‘Grateful’ by Melbourne’s Nat Vazer – the perfect song for International Women’s Day! In her own words …

“‘Grateful’ is an ode to all the inspiring female artists and role models out there, and a vent about the ongoing uphill battle for social equality. It’s about acknowledgement and respect, with a sprinkle of sarcasm and the kind of non-conformist attitude that used to make my Year 10 English teacher say, ‘girls like you are exactly what’s wrong with the world.’ In my head this song takes place in a hot, cowboy-esque desert town with smokey synths and tambourines in the same vein as The Brian Jonestown Massacre. In writing the guitar and drum parts, my artist child took a trip down memory lane and revisited old influences like Nirvana, The Dandy Warhols and The Beatles who had a real influence on my early days of guitar playing as a teen.” 

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Nat Vazer: Like Demi – track of the day

Today’s track of the day comes from Melbourne’s Nat Vazer – Like Demi, and it’s an instant favourite indie anthem, on our favourite theme of being your own best self.

Vazer says:

“when I was about 8, I fell in love with Demi Moore’s character in the movie Ghost, a widowed visual artist living in New York. When my brother and I were kids, my dad used to cut our hair so one day I decided to ask him to cut mine super short ‘just like Demi Moore in Ghost’. My dad got a plastic bowl out of the kitchen, threw it on my little head and started cutting around the bowl like there was no tomorrow… It became a controversial topic at school, where my teachers would get reports that some mysterious boy kept entering the girls’ toilets. Kids at school started to call me ‘Monica from Playschool’.”

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