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Fightmilk: ‘Not With That Attitude’ – LP review

fightmilkReview by Ana Hine

Fightmilk’s ‘Not With That Attitude’ is a great album for getting over an annoying ex – characterised here as a douchy hipster with regrettable decision making skills. There’s the first track ‘How You Move On’ about this ex-boyfriend’s new tattoo – a tacky tree – to remember their failed relationship with the excellent opening line; “Congratulations on your terrible tattoo, the one you got in protest when I told you we were through.” And; “When you’re covered in ex lovers and you see that stupid tree, I’ll have long moved on but good luck forgetting me.”

Lead singer Lily Rae explains that the song is based on personal experience and that her aim was to write a song that would bring women together. She says; “I like to try and write songs that I’d want to sing at karaoke whilst drunk which explains the chorus. It’s entirely designed for post-breakup girls-night-out karaoke.”

There’s more thinly disguised hatred for her ex in the anti-love song ‘Four Star Hotel’ about a miserable trip to Amsterdam. There’s also an ode to her phone in ‘Dream Phone’, as if to rub salt into an already, presumably, freshly broken heart.

Musically Fightmilk have a thrashing, pop-punk vibe with the backing vocals from guitarist Alex Wisgard bringing an extra layer of fun. Lily Rae can also really hold a note, as well as somehow bringing a tonne of emotion to every word she says. They cite The Long Blondes as an influence, which makes a lot of sense and is a great opportunity to listen to that band’s biggest hit ‘Once And Never Again’.

Although listening to individual tracks might give the impression the Not With That Attitude is too lyrically distracting for background music, repeated testing with company has proven otherwise – with friends commenting on how fitting a soundtrack it is for evenings in bitching about previous and current lovers.

Like the Lily Allen song ‘Not Big’ some of the tracks might come off a little harsh, even cruel, but sometimes this level of honesty is necessary to purge all the negativity surrounding a break-up and allow both parties to move on. Hopefully the album is an indication of good things to come.

notwithFightmilk will have their free album launch at The Shacklewell Arms, London on 2 November with support from Jemma Freeman And The Cosmic Something, followed by club night Too Many Man.




Playlist: Raging against the patriarchal machine

by Molly Tie

When I heard that there was going to be a book released exclusively about women’s anger (Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly) at first, I was worried this would basically be my autobiography albeit with a slightly snappier title (my autobiography’s working title is currently “Fuck this shit and gimme a Twix” but sometimes I change Twix for Bounty). I’m only half way through the book thus far but I’m already getting to understand and embrace my inner wrath which is making me both calm and angry at the same time. I don’t normally need any help to feel pretty miffed but if I ever do, there are some go-to songs that get me in the mood for a good ragin’ and here are my faves:

Alanis Morrissette: You Oughta Know

I’ve started with the obvious song by the obvious artist. Morrissette was the 90s shouty rock pop goddess who had one of THE most successful albums of the entire decade- Jagged Little Pill. And the song that catapulted her into mainstream success was this acerbic and unashamedly bitter break up song You Oughtta Know which expresses all those thoughts you have after a nasty breakup, but society tells you is unseemly to give voice to. It’s a much more realistic side of the narrative than Adele’s Someone Like You- where Adele graciously wishes her ex well in his new love endeavours despite her heart caving in, Alanis wishes everyone nothing but ill and tells them all to go to hell. My kinda gal.

“And every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back
I hope you feel it
Well can you feel it?”

Hole: Violet

No one wears their trauma and rage on their sleeve quite like grunge supremo Courtney Love and this song is one of many that could be picked for an ‘angry song’ list. Hole do anger so well – sad anger, defiant anger and just, well … fucking livid anger. There is a specific female element to the anger in the song Violet though…. The release of pain from recognising the abasement of women in relationships and that what is sold to us as romance and intensity is often just exploitation and control. There is often a mixture of resignation and challenge in Love’s lyrics and this song is no exception as she portrays romantic entanglements as a power play between men and women.

“Go on take everything
Take everything
I want you to.”

Shangri-Las: Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)

After punk, my other big musical passion is the 1960s so there must be at least one homage to this decade in any given list. But finding angry female music in this era is quite tricky as a lot of the mainstream female-sung songs are typically quite soppy and submissive. But, anger doesn’t have to be overt shouting and fist-waving and with that in mind, there are a lot more angry songs than you think. One of my favourites is Remember (Walkin’ In the Sand) by the American pop girl group The Shangri-Las. The Shangri-Las were like a musical version of Hollyoaks – all adolescent melodrama and heartbreak as demonstrated by their most famous song Leader of the Pack. Remember takes an age-old narrative of girl meets boy and then boy fucks off and leaves girl regretting everything she invested in said boy. Yes, it’s sad but it’s angry sad. And sometimes that’s just the ticket.

“Oh what will happen to
The life I gave to you
What will I do with it now?”


Bikini Kill: Double Dare Ya

Bikini Kill were no strangers to expressing the spectrum of female anger, but this song in particular is a call to arms and a challenge to reject those systems that keep women down. Using the old playground summons of the double dare, Hanna and co. tell us to be who we are, do what we will and reclaim our autonomy and liberation.


Bloody hell, I wanna go and smash some patriarchal shit up.

Natalie Imbruglia: Big Mistake

The underrated and rarely correctly pronounced Ms Imbruglia has more than just completely-overplayed-so-now-I-can’t-bear-to-listen-to-it Torn in her repertoire, her 1997 album Left of the Middle was full of awesome tracks and the angriest of the lot is her second single from the album – Big Mistake. This song builds up Imbruglia’s vocal intensity until she is shouting that whilst she has no intention of offering forgiveness she still wants to see the person who trespassed against her down on his knees and begging. Only then will she feel some sense of satisfaction and maybe some balance will be restored.

“And you lie by my feet
What a big mistake
And you cry over me
I can’t wait.”

Beyoncé: Irreplaceable

And of course, I thought we’d finish this off with a bit of Queen Bey. Her magical powers have meant that I can no longer hear the phrase ‘to the left’ without internally (or sometimes externally) launching into a rendition of this song. Beyoncé methodically gives her boyf the heave-ho making sure to retain property which is rightfully hers whilst simultaneously setting up for some other lad to come around and take his place. If you don’t deliver the goods, Beyoncé throws you out with the rubbish. Sounds fair.

“Keep talkin’ that mess that’s fine
But could you walk and talk at the same time?”


Happy 3rd Birthday LOUD WOMEN!

44061678_1892760990815948_3942885840081911808_oMassive thanks to everyone who came and celebrated our 3rd birthday last night – what an absolutely lovely night, full of friendly faces, brilliant music, and heaps of fun – exactly the stuff of Loud Women! Awesome performances from Party Fears, GUTTFULL, Feral Five and Spare Rib – check em all out online. There was dancing, cake, a fun raffle, and plotting … our ‘woman in the USA’ was in the house and our plans for LOUD WOMEN NYC are coming along nicely – bring on 2019! 💥

Our next gig is 10 Nov – The GUTTFULL Tits and Nails album launch, with Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something and T-Bitch!
Register your attendance right here >> Guttfull: Tits and Nails – album launch

Guttfull album launch poster artwork by Momoe Tasker

Murmur Tooth: ‘Memory’ – video of the day

Murmur Tooth is musical moniker of multi-instrumentalist and producer Leah Hinton.  Her DIY-made video for ‘Memory’ is our video of the day, and it’s gloomily glorious.










Apple Music:



Vodun: Ascend – LP review


Review by Katherine Stewart

“Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; Pounding drums of Ouidah; and the open heart of Erzulie, there exists VODUN. Afro-Metal-Soul-Psych.

The first thing that strikes you on hitting play on Vodun’s Ascend is that this is a band that makes no apologies.  The London-based thrash metal three-piece confidently combines heavy, distorted guitars and tribal drums with Chantal Brown’s impressive lung capacity and adds some lyrical inspiration from West African Vodou to boot.

vodunAscend is an album jam-packed with the fierce spirituality and feminism that Vodun has made their trademark. It’s present in every track from opener ‘Spirits Past’, with its tight guitar riffs and flawless vocal runs, and title track ‘Ascend’, with its arresting spoken intro and thunderous drum rolls, to the gleeful shouts of ‘Rituals’ and album closer ‘For Your Kin’. The whole album is a genre-defying delight.

It’s worth mentioning that this album is a lot to listen to in one sitting, especially if you’ve come for the soul more than the metal – but, with Ascend, Vodun has created something brilliantly dark and joyous.

Vodun’s Website ~ Bandcamp ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Spotify

cheerbleederz: our new favourite band



cheerbleederz are our new favourite band today.

Just signed to Alcopop! Records London indie-punk trio cheerbleederz and will release their debut EP ‘faceplant’ on 24th September 2018, playing a release show that night at Genesis Cinema in London with ME REX and Tea Leaf.


Guitarist Kathryn Woods says:

“Phoebe, Sophie and I all play in other bands, but we run in the same circles. Phoebe and I have toured together as Happy Accidents and Fresh, and Sophie is in a band called Finish Flag too, but we played in a band together briefly that was called Don’t Die (Dean from Doe’s project). Because we’re all the only women in our main bands, we decided to make a band that explores being women together.
“All our writing has been collaborative and quite spontaneous, and because we’re friends first and foremost, it all feels very natural and easy. We just want to have fun—that’s why we’re doing it! Our songs are vulnerable, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. We’re writing and making music together without any expectations and it feels very freeing.”
cheerbleederz are:

Kathryn Woods – Guitar
Sophie MacKenzie – Bass/vocals
Phoebe Cross – Drums

cheerbleederz online: