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Happy 3rd Birthday LOUD WOMEN!

44061678_1892760990815948_3942885840081911808_oMassive thanks to everyone who came and celebrated our 3rd birthday last night – what an absolutely lovely night, full of friendly faces, brilliant music, and heaps of fun – exactly the stuff of Loud Women! Awesome performances from Party Fears, GUTTFULL, Feral Five and Spare Rib – check em all out online. There was dancing, cake, a fun raffle, and plotting … our ‘woman in the USA’ was in the house and our plans for LOUD WOMEN NYC are coming along nicely – bring on 2019! 💥

Our next gig is 10 Nov – The GUTTFULL Tits and Nails album launch, with Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something and T-Bitch!
Register your attendance right here >> Guttfull: Tits and Nails – album launch

Guttfull album launch poster artwork by Momoe Tasker

Murmur Tooth: ‘Memory’ – video of the day

Murmur Tooth is musical moniker of multi-instrumentalist and producer Leah Hinton.  Her DIY-made video for ‘Memory’ is our video of the day, and it’s gloomily glorious.










Apple Music:



Vodun: Ascend – LP review


Review by Katherine Stewart

“Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; Pounding drums of Ouidah; and the open heart of Erzulie, there exists VODUN. Afro-Metal-Soul-Psych.

The first thing that strikes you on hitting play on Vodun’s Ascend is that this is a band that makes no apologies.  The London-based thrash metal three-piece confidently combines heavy, distorted guitars and tribal drums with Chantal Brown’s impressive lung capacity and adds some lyrical inspiration from West African Vodou to boot.

vodunAscend is an album jam-packed with the fierce spirituality and feminism that Vodun has made their trademark. It’s present in every track from opener ‘Spirits Past’, with its tight guitar riffs and flawless vocal runs, and title track ‘Ascend’, with its arresting spoken intro and thunderous drum rolls, to the gleeful shouts of ‘Rituals’ and album closer ‘For Your Kin’. The whole album is a genre-defying delight.

It’s worth mentioning that this album is a lot to listen to in one sitting, especially if you’ve come for the soul more than the metal – but, with Ascend, Vodun has created something brilliantly dark and joyous.

Vodun’s Website ~ Bandcamp ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Spotify

cheerbleederz: our new favourite band



cheerbleederz are our new favourite band today.

Just signed to Alcopop! Records London indie-punk trio cheerbleederz and will release their debut EP ‘faceplant’ on 24th September 2018, playing a release show that night at Genesis Cinema in London with ME REX and Tea Leaf.


Guitarist Kathryn Woods says:

“Phoebe, Sophie and I all play in other bands, but we run in the same circles. Phoebe and I have toured together as Happy Accidents and Fresh, and Sophie is in a band called Finish Flag too, but we played in a band together briefly that was called Don’t Die (Dean from Doe’s project). Because we’re all the only women in our main bands, we decided to make a band that explores being women together.
“All our writing has been collaborative and quite spontaneous, and because we’re friends first and foremost, it all feels very natural and easy. We just want to have fun—that’s why we’re doing it! Our songs are vulnerable, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. We’re writing and making music together without any expectations and it feels very freeing.”
cheerbleederz are:

Kathryn Woods – Guitar
Sophie MacKenzie – Bass/vocals
Phoebe Cross – Drums

cheerbleederz online:

Wolfgirl: interview


Wolf Girl are DIY indiepop darlings and they're coming to play LW Fest – we had a little chat with singer Healey ...

Wolf Girl! We are SO looking forward to welcoming you to LW Fest, especially after the release of your fab new single Toast for Dinner. Tell us all about the song – what’s it about, how did you record it, and what’s the story behind the awesome video?
We can’t wait for LW fest and we’re super excited to play our new material for everyone! ‘Toast for Dinner’ is the first single off our upcoming album that we recorded with the amazingly talented Mark Jasper at Sound Savers. The song itself is mainly about feeling burnt out after taking too much on both physically and emotionally. It’s about that point where you’ve stretched yourself too thin and just want someone to come saw you in half so multiple versions of yourself can get everything done. As a big fan of amateur magic I actually wanted us to cut me in half for the video, but we couldn’t get hold of a big box or a saw and I guess there were health and safety regulations. I then tried to learn a bunch of children’s magic tricks from a Marvellous Marvin’s magic kit, shockingly it turns out magic is actually really hard to master in 24 hours! We had to settle for some sneaky sleight of the hand, camera tricks, spinning plates and Christabel’s secret hidden juggling talents.

Who are your heroes in the DIY scene right now?
We’ve been in the DIY scene for the last few years and it’s been so great to see so many bands with female and queer members flourish and new ones pop up. We really love catching Charmpit live, they came from the amazing First Timers festival which also gave us the equally incredible Big Joanie. Their music is infectious and it’s been so great to watch them grow as performers and songwriters over the last few years. Another upcoming First Timers band is the excellent Panic Pocket, we can’t get enough of there catchy synth pop. Kermes last record has been on repeat for us and there energy live is insane so we highly recommend you see them live!  We’re also beyond excited for the new recorded material coming from Witching Waves, Sugar Rush! and Fightmilk. The end of this year is going to be full of great releases.

What can we look forward to from Wolf Girl – any more recording plans? Touring? 
We’ve been working really hard for the last few months on our second album. It’s coming out October 19th on Everything Sucks Music and we’re really proud of it. We think it shows a real  growth for us and is full of tunes about queer feelings, coming out and dealing with social burnout and mental health. We’ll be doing a bunch of shows later in the year also so keep your eyes peeled.

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
I’ve seen Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something a bunch of times and they never disappoint, they are one of the best guitarists in the scene right now. Can’t wait to catch Crumbs and Guttfull again also, they are such a great bands to watch live. We’re also really excited for Sister Ghost coming over to London!

Tell us anything else you think it’s important we know about you/your music!
We’re just a bunch of anxious queer nerds making noisy pop songs as a weird kind of therapy and catharsis. You might like our songs if you’re into DIY haircuts, cowboys and non binary queer feelings. You probably won’t like our songs if your a TERF, homophobe or just hate people wearing striped shirts.

If you’re none of those things, make sure to catch Wolf Girl at 2.30 on the Boston Music Room stage at LOUD WOMEN Fest on 15 Sept!


Drunken Butterfly: interview

Bristol's Drunken Butterfly are coming to play LOUD WOMEN Fest on 15 Sept! We got to know them a little better ...
Drunken Butterfly! Tell us a bit about the scene in Bristol?
In terms of venues we really love the Exchange. Myself (Alice) and Darcie are organisers for LaDIYfest Bristol and they’ve been super supportive of us there. We also held LaDIYfest Bristol 2017 in the Southbank Club in Southville, which was a really cool venue and accessible too – we don’t have many fully accessible venues in Bristol.
There’s definitely a cool little DIY/punk scene in Bristol, though we do need more bands made up of people of oppressed genders so please start one if you are reading this and are from Bristol! We want more bands to play with! At the moment we play quite a lot with Kiss Me Killer, who we love, and we’ve played with the Menstrual Cramps a couple of times too – I think some of them live in Bristol now. We’ve recently met this really cool band called Miss Kill, who are a grunge band made up of two sisters who are 15/17. They remind me and Darcie of us when we started out. In terms of promoters there’s obviously LaDIYfest Bristol which we are involved in, and Hell Hath No Fury Promotions and Eat Up are doing cool stuff too.

We are SO looking forward to welcoming you to London and seeing you play live! You released your album ‘Socialist of the City’ back in 2016 – tell us all about the album – what’s are your favourite tracks, how did you record it, and what’s the story behind the title track?

Thank you, we are so excited to play! ‘Socialist of the City’ was a totally DIY record. I (Alice) did music production at college, and kitted myself up with recording equipment when I finished, so we were able to record it all at my house and Katie’s house. I produced it, mixed it etc and Darcie did the artwork. It took a while to finish, fitting it around our jobs and uni, but we’re really proud of it. My favourite tracks on there are probably ‘Not All Men’ and ‘We’re All in This Together’. The title track ‘Socialist of the City’ is kind of about being brought up as a socialist and being in that old Labour democratic socialist tradition, which felt very fringe and something from a bygone time when I wrote it – not so much anymore!

What can we look forward to from Drunken Butterfly? 

We are planning to record a new EP in the Autumn which we are really excited about. It’s going to be quite a bit heavier than the last one, with lots of feminist/queer themes. There’s going to be songs about women reclaiming space at shows, the #MeToo movement, the TV show Sugar Rush, and there will be a song about Brexit on there too. We’ll be playing most of the tracks at Loud Women. The working title at the moment is ‘Protest Songs’, which may or may not be a slightly pointed barb at people who say there is no protest music anymore… you only have to look at the line up of Loud Women Fest to see that isn’t true!

Touring can be tricky to fit around our day jobs, but we are hoping to go to lots more cities in the next year! We are already booked for 0161 Festival in Manchester next May which we are really excited about – anti fascist events are so important at the moment.

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?

Literally everyone! This is a dream come true for us, we can’t wait to play with all these fantastic bands and see a load of bands we haven’t had the chance to see before. We are big fans of the Petrol Girls, so we’re looking forward to seeing them again. And we’ve been trying to see Dream Nails for a while so it’ll be great to catch them.

Tell us anything else you think it’s important we know about you/your music!

We recently had our ten year anniversary gig – in May for Hell Hath No Fury Fest. We played our first ever show in May 2008 at Moles Club in Bath.