Singer/songwriter TOMI has released her latest single ‘If You Tried,’ a post-breakup pondering fuelled by the pursuit of individuality. Easy-going with a tinge of melancholy, it speculates the what-could-have-beens while pushing forward with force.

In the accompanying video, TOMI forms a fictional flirtatious bond with a mannequin, highlighting the materialistic and unresponsive nature some relationships can result in. Throughout it all though, she has the control.

With the steady strums of guitar and flowing yearning vocals, ‘If You Tried’ exudes a dreamy nostalgia that comes with reflections on time.

TOMI is songwriter and producer Pam Autuori who grew up queer in suburban Connecticut before launching her musical journey in New York. ’If you Tried’ is taken from her debut album Late Bloomer, due out later this year, and involves a new direction since her previous EPs.

Late Bloomer is about the internal chaos of my twenties. The push and pull, the mistakes, the impulses, the vices and the sweet release of finally loving yourself at the end of it all,” TOMI says of the album. “These are the days I want to remember forever and also the days I wish I could indefinitely forget. A decade of contradiction, of fast decisions and feeling invisible.”

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