GOCK is a band made up of 3 trans women and their non-binary friend, from Boise Idaho. In their own words:

“Idaho is one of the most anti-trans states in the US. We play agitational punk music and want to inspire folks of all genders to pursue music and be loud.”

Their stunning new EP A Handful Of balances raucous guitars and drums with sardonic but emotionally rousing lyrics. They have a brilliant Gock Tok too, showing how songs are created and other stuff such as a great version of Dysphoria on a ‘squeeze box’.

I got the opportunity to chat to the band about their EP and inspirations in a quick 5 question interview.

1) What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Iris (vocalist): We want to help our community connect. Feeling alone as a queer person in this world can be life-threatening. Having a community of people you trust and care about is a great way to alleviate that threat. What better way is there to bring people together than music! 

2) Your EP – A Handful Of – took me on a journey of emotions. From sad, to angry, to defiant, to a call to action. Was this journey your intention for the listener? 

Iris: Those themes are definitely major pieces of not only those songs but I think in my life as well. When I write music I tend to write when I am feeling my emotions most strongly. It isn’t a replacement for therapy, but it definitely helps me process those emotions. 

3) Your song Ally suggests you’ve been let down by people who you thought were allies in the past. 

What can people do to be better allies to trans and non-binary people?

There are two things that I suggest people who want to be allies should do.

1.   Follow and listen to marginalized creators.

2.  Hold your loved ones to the same standard. Bring up our struggles when you can and defend us when grandpa says something not okay! 

4) Pass the mic. Who are your top three favourite bands? 

Iris: my answer changes constantly but today it’s Pigeon Pit, Sports Bra, and Underscores.

Nelle (bassist): Deftones, Manchester Orchestra, Nothing are what I’m bopping currently. 

Abbigael (drummer): The Front Bottoms, System of a Down, Traitors.

Allison (guitarist): Linkin Park, Greenday, The White Stripes.

5) What can your audience expect from a live performance? 

Iris: Expect us to be enjoying ourselves! We love playing music together and I think that connection and joy is contagious.

This band is a hard recommend from me. Join the Gock Flock.

You can follow GOCK on Instagram TikTok or Bandcamp