Out today, Bethan Lloyd’s debut album Metamorphosis is an electro-spiritual collection that feels like a seer delivering divine omens from the Earth in her enraptured wails.

Within her unique, industrial melodies, the Welsh artist dives deep track after track. From focusing on themes of emptiness and observing our toxic connections, to traversing the stars for cosmic lessons, Metamorphosis has something for everyone.

Lloyd’s opening track, ‘Boss of Big Dreams’, hooks listeners in with her signature crooning vocals and electrifying musical composition. She later escorts you on a mystical space journey in ‘Antares’ before culminating in addressing the collective ache we are experiencing in the eighth and final track, ‘Whatever We Delete.’

Metamorphosis stunningly pairs an energetic beat with Lloyd’s sibylline lyrics, making this an album that just keeps on giving. Providing the audience with both entertainment and substance, Lloyd has crafted an album that exponentially grows to new heights with each listen.

Metamorphosis was truly worth every ounce of anticipation I had for it, and left me in a charged magical stupor. After a release this captivating, make sure to keep an eye on Bethan Lloyd and her other spellbinding works. You won’t want to miss them!

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