Nashville’s Maggie Miles’ latest single ‘Asleep’ is an emotionally explosive heartfelt song; a profound track that gifts you with a remedy for the soul.

Entrancing vocals and raw lyrics permeate ‘Asleep’ and makes the Virginia-born musician feel like a guide sharing her ballad of evolution. The reverb section at the center of this song sounds like a necessary cleansing or an emergence from a cocoon. Followed by striking support vocalists, the listener is then led to the transforming crescendo finale. And it sticks with you like a lantern in the dark long after listening.

Drawing upon her struggles of faith and the shackles we can place on ourselves, Miles has crafted a musical expedition into the dismantling of the soul and then, bravely, to its rebuilding.

‘Asleep’ is now firmly fixed on my restorative playlist and truly hits home when I need that dose of hope to keep me going.

Miles has completed her new album, The Lack Thereof, which is due for release on 17 May.

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