Austin-based Redbud‘s ‘Sad On the North Side’ is bringing us a warm psychedelic hazy Texas summer vibe on this very cold London morning.

“‘I was sad on the North side’ is a sentence I heard a friend speak while I was writing this song. I immediately knew it was the phrase that would seal in the song to be complete. We were discussing the power of meeting someone you are immediately captivated by after internalizing the idea that you’ll be alone forever and never find love ever again.
This is another song from the very beginning of my songwriting era. I didn’t understand the tempo of it until I met and jammed with drummer Sam. Playing on beat was a challenge for me back in 2020 but the guys made it easy to find the beat when I got lost. I really wanted this song to be on our first EP. It’s one of the funnest songs to play and it feels short and sweet like a little love letter from us to the audience.”

Katie Claghorn

The track is taken from forthcoming (24 Feb) debut EP, Long Night – one to listen out for.