Canadian indie-folk artist Cat Clyde shares her latest single/video, ‘Mystic Light’ – the lead single from Clyde’s upcoming album, Down Rounder, out 17th February on her own Second Prize Records.

Clyde shares the following about her upcoming album that connects to nature and everything inbetween:

“The album is an exploration and expression of self, patterns in the natural and unnatural world, connecting to nature, the turning wheel of life, shedding old selves, embracing new selves, and the ever changing, expanding and contracting nature of love and life.”

‘Mystic Light’ is a dreamy track that pulls you into the moment of now and your future path.

“It’s a song about wanting to understand my journey and purpose. I’m exploring feelings of adriftness, asking for the mystery or magic of life to show her face so I can remember what it’s all for.” 

Cat Clyde

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