Hong Kong British dream-pop artist mui zyu (Eva Liu) recently announced her debut LP, Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, out 24 February, 2023 via Father/Daughter Records. Alongside this announcement, mui zyu released lead single ‘Ghost with a Peach Skin’ with a unique music video. 

“This song is about leaving your former self and entering your new peach skin. Peaches are considered a symbol of longevity and even immortality in Chinese culture. The protagonist has overcome enemies and has bruises to prove the damage. However the bruised peach becomes stronger by overcoming them. The song features guzheng samples that have been highly edited and mangled. We liked the idea of having an excellent musician improvise on the traditional Chinese zither and ‘bruising’ their performance with distortion and effects to create a new stronger sound with little of its former self present – much like the meaning of the song. The ‘ghost’ inside refers to the ghost we used to be, the ghosts we carry with us and the ghosts we have to overcome too.”

Eva Liu

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