Today’s video of the day comes from Bristol-based alt-rock duo Pollyanna Blue: ‘Haunted’ – a grunge-pop track that discusses trauma and a dark whirlwind of emotions. The accompanying music video is like a mini horror film complete with jump scares.

“In this song trauma is depicted as an unforgiving evil spirit that will come at you at night and relentlessly try to tear you down.  The impactful delivery of the lyrics harnesses the real range of emotions of someone experiencing immense feelings of emptiness, sadness and anger. The lyric ‘like a headache’ depicts the side effects of dealing with large and repetitive amounts of trauma and stress to the brain, painting an unpleasant experience for the person being Haunted by their own predicament.”

Zoe Collins – lyricist/vocalist/guitarist 

Pollyanna Blue (Zoe Collins and Rich Earle) take their band name from self-help book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway and the nickname (Pollyanna) given to an overly optimistic person. 

‘Haunted’ is the latest single from Pollyanna Blue’s upcoming EP, out next year. 

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