Grunge-rockers Torture & The Desert Spiders released their latest single/video, ‘The Tooth, The Gap & The Filling’.

Torture & The Desert Spiders was founded and fronted by NYC singer-songwriter Anna Kunz. The project started in 2019 and blossomed when Kunz moved to Liverpool in 2020 and met future bandmates/collaborators, Max Meunier (drums) and Clara Cicely (bass).

‘The Tooth, The Gap & The Filling’ is a 90s inspired track infused with garage-punk energy. This track dives into how daydreaming of escaping mundane life can shift to morbid thoughts. 

“This track came from a bedroom demo I made and intro’d to our producer, Pete Harrison (of San Lorenz) over at Yellowbird Studios. It was initially a poem I wrote about shit experiences working in hospitality and me questioning the ‘breaking point’ of a destitute person working in the modern world. ‘The Tooth”, “the Gap” and “the Filling” are three different people, destitute, hopeful and miserable daydreaming of escapism and your mind drifting to more morbid thoughts when life at your ‘day job’ is unbearable. 

But it is also a joke. It’s about being so beyond your point of caring at work that morbid things become farce and your bound for comfort and survival are stretched. It is the perfect antithesis to the b-side because this is a song for those who are angry and feel a bit hopeless. ‘if you go then i go’ is a song for those who are joyful, and want hope; those emotions are felt by the same person, often, and I hope these exemplify that.”

Anna Kunz

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