Indie-Pop duo Tiny Ghosts (Dayan Marquina and Eric Morgan) share their latest single/video, ‘What For?’. 

A chance meeting at a concert transformed into a friendship and musical collaboration. The duo began emailing tracks to each other and Tiny Ghosts was created. ‘What For?’ is a special track due to the fact it was their first time recording in person. 

Guitarist Eric Morgan shares the following about ‘What For?’:

“I’m super proud of ‘What For’ because it’s the closest we’ve got to capturing the sound and emotion in our heads to tape. It was also the first time we got a chance since starting TG two years ago to actually be in the same studio at the same time which just felt amazing. We brought in a new producer, Jesse Clasen (Foreign Air, HRVRD), who is fantastically creative and nailed the mix better than what I even had in my head.” 

“This is the first video we have ever done together, this video will always symbolize how special it is to be together in person after always working on projects long distance or on zoom calls. Playful and full of feeling, we gave it our all.”

 Dayan Marquina, lead singer

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