Atlanta-based singer-songwriter girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) shares her latest single, ‘Teenage Dream’. ‘Teenage Dream’’ is another look into girlpuppy’s debut album, When I’m Alone (out 28th October). 

‘Teenage Dream’ is a dreamy track inspired by a Keanu Reeves lookalike and the film Teenage Dream. girlpuppy’s signature bittersweet vocals and clever lyrics shine on her best single release to date. 

“The song’s about a guy I lead on who looks like Keanu Reeves, and it’s the first one we made for the album. It was, in part, inspired by Caroline Polachek, who said in an interview that her lyrics for “Bunny Is A Rider” make no real sense, and that they just sounded good to sing. Similarly, the chorus lyrics to ‘Teenage Dream’ don’t make much sense, but I do enjoy singing them. An important detail: I’m talking to my puppy Obi at the beginning, and you can hear him barking at the end.”

i can’t even watch that movie anymore
cause you look just like that actor
i wish i didn’t care
cause i love Teenage Dream

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