Texas-based indie singer-songwriter KellyMarie released her debut album, IT IS MY ALBUM.

IT IS MY ALBUM is a conceptual album centered around TV series The Office (US) and the main characters’ (Jim and Pam) relationship over the span of nine seasons. This album was written during lockdown, a timeframe where a lot of people binged their old favorite shows for comfort. 

“It’s often said – write about what you know and love. Enjoying my favorite show in this new way was life-giving and I am ecstatic to finally share it.”


Starting off with the album title, fans will instantly recognize Dwight Schrute’s matter of fact delivery behind it. 

KellyMarie’s storytelling and lyrics literally transplants The Office fans back to the iconic key moments of Jim and Pam’s relationship. For non-fans it’s a love story that grows overtime. Instead of a simple retelling of the scenes, KellyMarie infuses her storytelling style and whimsical instrumentals. 

Track of the day favorite ‘Timing Right’ is the theme song surrounding the start of Jim and Pam’s friendship/relationship and missed moments. For non Office fans, it’s a relatable track about not being in sync with a love interest. 

Those missed moments were a main focus for The Office series leading up to one of the most memorable moments at the end of Season Three. ‘Fooling Around’ is the end of the back and forth and the start of something new.

Forget this city's energy
You're life giving to me
I'm done running

Seeing you there talking with your hands
And here I come storming in with a perceptive plan
Are you free tonight?
It's a date

The album continues to navigate around Jim and Pam’s relationship even to their eventual engagement. 

It is a bold choice for a conceptual album to be your debut. IT IS MY ALBUM. transcends just a simple concept album…it’s a love letter for The Office fans. It’s also an upbeat album to spin even if you’ve never watched the show. 

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