South African-Australian singer-songwriter Ruby Gill released a stunning debut album, I’m gonna die with this frown on my face. Gill stands out with her lyrics that pull inspiration from global issues to personal observations. I’m gonna die with this frown on my face is a perfect album to play while taking a stroll and slow down in the moment. 

Check out our 5 question interview with Ruby Gill!

1. Tell us the Ruby Gill artist manifesto. 

If you suddenly found yourself dropped into a live television Q+A, just for fun, would you know how to be honest? Would you be present enough to accept the opinion inside you, and the song that goes with it? Go to the end of the feeling. Record everything. Get over your hair. List the birds you saw today. This is proof that you’ve existed. Everything has music if you let it. In all things, pay attention. 

2. What’s the BEST song on your debut album?

My favourites are ‘I forgot to be profound today’ and ‘Dirty work’ – perhaps because they feel the most like me. 

 3. What song do you wish you’d written?

‘Woncha Come On Home’ by Joan Armatrading. But then I would still want her to sing it, because that dry shake and vulnerability is what makes that song what it is. 

4.Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands/artists?

Nakhane (South Africa/UK). When i first saw them play, it was in Joburg singing The Cure. Now they’re in my whole life and bedroom with the most powerful, hot and critical songs I know. 

Madison Cunningham. Complex, makes me wanna scream out loud and sounds like wood, just how i like it. 

Everything Everything. Whenever I have lost energy, I come back to these albums, to dance and jiggle. Then I re-learn every song they’ve ever written, very quietly on my own instruments, to fully appreciate how insane their melodies and lyrics are. 

5. Draw us a picture…

Sorry but it had to be a bird. This is a Noisy Pitta, called noisy because it causes chaos in the forest floor. 

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