We are stoked to bring you today the first listen of Femegades‘ new single, ‘Big Plans’ – a smack-you-round-the-face melodic punkrock anthem. Get this pumping in your ears and watch your walk become a strut.

The single comes with news of the band’s own big plans. An EP, in fact, titled ‘Not All Men’ – out today via Regent Street Records. The band told us more …

Our second EP is hopefully a natural evolution from the first. There’s still punk elements there – particularly with a track like ‘Big Plans’. But hopefully a few surprises, including the change of pace musically for ‘Daddy Says’. Both ‘Be Alone’ and ‘Big Plans’ have been fixtures in our live set for a while, so it was really cool to be able to record those and now get them out in the world.

The EP is more of a professional effort in terms of production and we’ve already seen the impact of this in terms of streaming compared to the first EP. It was recorded at Andy Ramsay’s Press Play Studio. Although only four songs, due to the realities of juggling commitments, it was recorded over a few months. So we originally started work on ‘Daddy Says’ and ‘Big Plans’ with Andy producing, but later Dom Kirtley stepped in to complete the rest of the EP.

That was before Emily joined us on bass, and we weren’t entirely happy with the bass part for Big Plans, so went back to some of what we knew from making the first EP and asked Melisa Dopazo to record a version from Argentina and send it over!

Lyrically there should be some continuity from the first EP again, although we definitely think that both ‘Be Alone’ and ‘Daddy Says’ push the boundaries even more so than even something like ‘Pornsick’.

The ‘Not All Men’ title has already confused a few people, wondering if we’re serious or not. Although hopefully the artwork gives that away. It felt a very obvious one to go with given the lead track Speechless has the chorus of ‘Not all men are doing enough to say not all men’.

Anything that starts a conversation has to be a good thing, right?!


Look out for more on ‘Not All Men’ next week right here 💋