Witches are for life not just for Halloween - and who knows that better than our charming sister Karlyn King, the host of the Songs Are Spells podcast!  Highly recommended listening for those whose fascinations lie in the bedazzling intersection between witchcraft and music. Past guests have included magical humans such as The Anchoress, BISHI, Gina Birch and AURORA.

To celebrate the 3rd season of Songs Are Spells hitting the podwaves imminently, Karlyn threw some big tunes in a cauldron and bubbled us up spellbinding playlist! Here's what she had to say about her selections ...
  1. Best Friend – Saweetie and Doja Cat
    This song is all about women supporting each other and building each other up. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come. Witchy/self-care practices like journalling can help and this song shows how we can help each other do this. 
  2. I am – Baby Tate and Flo Milli
    This whole song is a spell of affirmations for everything that they want to be and are. I truly believe that we can speak things into existence so affirming everything that you want is so powerful.
  3. Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
    The ultimate witch song! Rhiannon is a white witch who is mysterious and powerful and I love that it has become synonymous with lots of images of a powerful person, rather than being feared. There are a lot of misconceptions around being a witch as something bad. It’s simply a person in their power. 
  1. Successful – Ariana Grande
    This song is another affirmation practice where Ariana is owning her success. Listening to this A LOT will affect your ability to manifest and don’t forget – the subconscious mind hears everything so be mindful of what you consume!
  2. Pretty Girl Magic – Moonlight Scorpio
    I adore this song because she is singing about a spiritual awakening and how this brings a new sense of confidence that is not reliant on others or the media. It all comes from within. 

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