Melbourne-based artist BATTS (Tonya Batt) recently released her latest single, ‘Call It What It Is’. A timely track that reminds us to be present and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. 

“I find moving and dancing to be so healing. I really wanted to create a song that hits you right in the chest and makes you want to move every part of your body. This song feels like a fierce sort of movement, like you really need to move to the sounds. They aren’t pretty, they are forceful in a releasing sort of way and perfectly placed together to help you move. I hope this song helps people get something out, release something from their body they have been keeping inside.”


Alongside this new single release, BATTS announced her upcoming sophomore album, The Nightline (out 14th October via Mistletone / I Feel Fine Records).

The Nightline is a follow up to BATTS’ conceptual debut album, The Grand Tour, that focused on the NASA Voyager Mission. The Nightline returns to Earth and discusses topics such as mental health, chronic illness, grief, and love. 

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