Queen Cult, a femme-queer rock band from Macclesfield, Cheshire, is back with a new music video. This explosive video is for ‘Calm’, their latest single off their debut EP Woman That I Know.

Frontwoman Maisie Johnson and bassist Leila Jacklin share the following insight:

“In this video, we are narrating the story of a mannequin which is representative of a woman ingrained in a ‘pick me’ culture. Dressing for the male gaze and socially indoctrinated from a young age, she does not yet see the bigger picture, to express herself however she wishes but for herself. And not solely for the potential social norm. We try to talk to the mannequin to help her out of the ideology. When burying her, we are burying the old social norms that suppressed her from realizing she has her own mind and can make her own decisions.”

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