Today’s video of the day comes from Nashville’s Kitty Coen: ‘Bad Bad Liar’ is “inspired by the idea of hexing an ex-boyfriend and causing him to start balding”. Haven’t we all wanted to cast that spell at some point?

Kitty Coen’s ‘Disco Cowgirl’ aesthetic relates to both her looks and music. On ‘Bad Bad Liar’ she sees through the cracks of a toxic man and she lets him have it!

Kitty’s soulful, nostalgic vocals remind us of artists such as Halsey and Miley Cyrus. She embraces her confidence in this piece of psychedelic rock and we are here for it.

Kitty says the following about ‘Bad Bad Liar’:

“I hope this song inspires people to not take shit from anyone, no matter who you are or the path you’re on.”

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