It was love at first listen when Beejarabbit‘s ‘Baby I’m in Love’ landed in our inbox. Bass-driven, urgent, stirring, melodic indierock of the finest blend. FFO Desperate Journalist or My Bloody Valentine.

All the more impressive to know that this is the work of one solo artist – Leicester’s Becci Johnson!

“I wrote it all. Drums (arranged by me, played by someone else), bass, guitars, vocals, harmonies, arrangements (all Beej). It’s pretty personal, it’s loosely about fucking around with emotionally unavailable dick heads who don’t treat you with respect but you keep doing it because you’re dickmatised. Roughly. It’s the first song I’ve written in years, honestly I thought I’d never write again. But here we are. And now I have an EP coming out in March 😎 yaaaasssss”

DICKMATISED OMG. For this word – and her beautiful song – Beejarabbit is our new favourite band today.