Today’s video of the day is from Canadian alt-pop artist GRAE: ‘Room In The Desert’. 

For ‘Room In The Desert’ GRAE pulled inspiration from Cocteau Twins’ 1990 track ‘Cherry-coloured Funk’.

“’Room In The Desert’ was written on a day when I was lacking inspiration. I came into the session with my producer Connor Seidel not knowing what to write about and instead of trying to fight that feeling, I embraced it. I decided to write a song about nothing, from nothing, using some random and interesting words we could find. At the time of writing, it had no real meaning, which was the intention, but now I actually find meaning in it which is interesting. I hope those who listen are able to find their own unique meaning too.”

GRAE’s debut album, Whiplash, will be out this April. 

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