Review by Kirsten Rowland

‘Irregular’ is the third single dropped by Berlin-based powerhouse Dyan Valdés prior to the release of her debut solo album Stand. Valdés turned to history for this song’s inspiration, specifically WWII spy Virginia Hall:

“She was always underestimated because she was a woman and had a prosthetic leg, and therefore managed to be very successful. Her code name was Diane and she ran a ragtag crew of guerrillas nicknamed the ‘Diane Irregulars’… To me being ‘irregular’ is actually a good thing, so I wrote a song celebrating women like her who kick expectations aside and make their own unconventional way in life.”

Dyan Valdés

Irregularity permeates every component of ‘Irregular’. The slight metallic twang of the vocals, the snare coming in a little too loud, the ominous baseline and almost unsettling synth solo all blend together to produce a sound that puts the listener on edge, both exciting and discomforting. The lyrics are a series of rallying cries to Dyan’s own ‘Irregulars’ – a true celebration of doing life your own way. 

The all-female team behind this project is an amazing achievement in its own right. The fact that this was even possible shows how much progress has been made by women in the music industry. There’s still a long way to go, but hopefully this will not be such a rarity in the future.

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