Brighton-based Yumi And The Weather (Ruby Taylor) is back with her latest single, ‘Howl’.  This garage rock track discusses body hair and the complex duality it creates: the insecurities surrounding having it and the power it can possess. ‘Howl’ is released via Taylor’s own MIOHMI Records imprint.

Taylor shares the following about ‘Howl’:

“Writing this song was an opportunity to reflect on how something so natural can create so many insecurities, while also giving us the power to control it to suit our needs and desires. Growing up, I was occasionally teased and made to feel insecure about my body hair – by both men and women. It created this urge to get rid of every hair in sight in order to feel confident, but it now feels like we live in a time where it’s accepted however we choose to have it. It’s nice, and means it’s not such a big deal to me anymore if I don’t get rid of my moustache as soon as it appears. Ultimately, ‘Howl’ is a celebration of our hair and our care routines.”

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