Q: What kind of a cake does noone want?
A: tummyache

Our video of the day today comes from the wonderful tummyache, aka Brooklyn songwriter/producer Soren Bryce. ‘Porcupine’ is a dreamy moody with a supercute video.

I know porcupines seem a bit silly. My friend D.D Island and I used to DIY tour together quite a lot and I was being just awful on one of them. He referred to me as a porcupine because I could be so abrasive and cold when confronted with emotional conflicts… the name just kind of stuck and when I came around to writing and recording this record it was something I reflected on a lot. So thanks Brandon.


The song is the third single from tummyache’s album Soak, slated for Spring of 2022 via Tonetree Music.

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