Breakup Haircut are four magnificent humans who found each other through the First Timers Fest, and have won the hearts and minds of all they've touched with their DIY punk goodness. We sent Scene Queen Snapper Keira Anee out to meet this lovely foursome, for a no-messing-about 3 question interview, and a lots-of-messing-about photoshoot on the streets of London's New Cross.

Which band are you most looking forward to seeing at Loud Women fest this year?

Ripley: Mine is ARXX, I think they’re pretty rad, saw them at the last LOUD WOMEN Fest and they’re awesome. So very much looking forward to that!

Delphine: Mine is Bang Bang Romeo, I’ve been wanting to see them for a while and haven’t been able to, so, here we go!

Ishani: …I can only echo that, yeah!

Jordan: Same!!

Do you have any new songs planned for the fest?

All: YES

Jordan: Four, I think four new ones? 

Ripley: The set is TBC, but we have a lot more songs than we did on the EP.

Delphine: Watch this space, basically!

In case it’s not immediately obviously, these absolutely adorable babes are spelling out “LOUD” with their arms.

What is your favourite song to play live?

Ishani: (To Delphine) I like playing the song that you sing live?

Delphine: My song?? 

Ishani: It’s called I Wish 

Delphine: It’s the first song i’ve written so (smiles)

Ripley: Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin is my favourite to play, because it’s really bouncy and fun and I like the bit between the first chorus and the second verse!

Breakup Haircut are 1 of 20 excellent reasons to come to LOUD WOMEN Fest on 18 Sept at 229, London.