We are excited to bring you today the first taste of Berlin singer-songwriter Novaa‘s beautiful new alt-pop tear-jerker ‘Can’t Take This Silence’, complete with a poignant video. She tells us

“‘Can’t Take This Silence’ is a song about knowing that you will be ghosted before the ghosting happens. It’s a moment when you’re with the person you’re seeing, you’re dating and you realise that the silence that’s about to come over you is already there. It’s funny how very often I write songs about things that will happen to me later. With this song it was the same. I met up with someone and started writing this song while we were seeing each other. Then the ghosting happened and I realised what I was trying to tell myself with ‘Can’t Take This Silence’ before. Even though this song hurts a lot, it also feels very safe to me. It’s cold but the kind of cold that lets you know that you’re gonna be inside and warm again soon.”

The personal catharsis continues on the album from which the single is taken, She’s a Rose, touching on the themes of gender roles and the challenges women encounter.

“It was something like a diary to me. It was my attempt to find my place in the world. And the attempt to draw a picture of this constantly changing position.

I actually did everything by myself – including the production. During quarantine, I only had a microphone, a guitar, a midi-keyboard and my laptop with me, and this really influenced recordings. I recorded a lot of acoustics.”

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