Our video of the day today comes from Devon’s Third Girl From The Left: ‘The Mountain and the Wave’. A journey of dark, driving, melodic storytelling, with a beautifully shot video (but I have to admit I found it hard to watch the dancer do that thing with his shoulders omg.) Watch through your fingers if you must, and stick around for that cascading hammond organ and a field recording of a motorbike revving in (checks notes) the key of E. Totally overdramatic, and we are totally here for it.

The song is inspired by the little known Greek myth Tyro. Third Girl says:

“I discovered the story through an artwork by Scotland’s Margaret MacDonald. It tells the story of a married woman racked with desire for the river god Enipeus, but is tricked and seduced by a disguised, lust fuelled, Poseidon. For me it explores the power of addiction and how taking back that power must come from within.”

Her second EP is due for release in October 2021.

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