Our video of the day today comes from Meggie Brown: ‘Dusty Smells’. A pleasingly lo fi earworm, with a video that’s a must-watch joyful celebration of self-expression, and self-discovery.

During the past year Meggie wrote and recorded an EP, Home, with backing band Forrest Flowers and drummer Kayleigh Cheer. During this period Meggie explored their gender identity and recently shared they are transgender – a journey that’s reflected in their music’s themes. Meggie say:

Coming to terms with one’s gender identity has been both beautiful and challenging during this lockdown. When I wrote and recorded Dusty Smells and the EP I wanted them to match through sound how non binary those emotions and realisations were. I wanted the sound to reflect being cooped up in a home studio with just us – me and Sunny – and the limited resources we had. True to the circumstance, Dusty smells is very nostalgic trying to connect the old ways with the new, the feeling of home, the smells and associations whilst trying to understand our place as young adults, why do we bother?

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