Out now from LA’s Abigail Fierce: ‘Scream It to the Whole World’ is the pop-rock anthem that’ll be playing at the end of the high school queer love story movie of the summer (or, at least, it should be).

“This song is about something that happened to me in high school. I was close friends with a girl that I had romantic feelings for, and she said she liked me back, but publicly she didn’t want anyone to know, and publicly she had a boyfriend. It was a hard thing to deal with at that age…really liking someone a lot for the first time and having them not want to be seen with you. I think one of the most powerful parts of the song is near the end, when I scream “she says no one can know” over and over. Growing up in Kentucky, whenever I would get the courage to tell someone, they would act like no one can know. It’s something I repressed for the longest time because of the way she [the girl from high school] acted.”

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