Out now from California’s Sweet Nobody: ‘Why Don’t You Break My Heart’.

The song refrain is framed as a request rather than a question. It’s a request for someone to leave before they get disappointed. Lead singer/songwriter Joy Deyo explains:

“A few years ago during what was supposed to be the prime of my life, I found myself deteriorating physically from a rare genetic disease I didn’t even know I had. Along with physical pain, there is a lot of mental anguish that comes with sickness. It feels a little like you’re dying while you’re still alive—mourning parts of yourself that don’t work anymore and longing for the things that you can no longer do with ease. In grief, I found myself saying things to my husband like, “if you want to leave me and find someone else who isn’t sick, I’ll understand. You didn’t sign up for this.” Of course, I didn’t want him to. And he didn’t want to either. So instead I wrote a song about it. Songs can speak your fears and the things you hope will never happen just as well as they can speak your dreams. And if you can take that darkness and make it a bop, well that’s just more fun for everyone!”

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