Delighted to bring you the premiere of Andrea Turk‘s new single ‘Give It To Me’, ahead of its general release tomorrow. It’s a fiery pop banger with a hot AF video that is not suitable for work but is super-suitable for pride month!

LA based, Indonesian-Croatian singer-songwriter Andrea Turk explains:

“I feel like I’ve finally found my sound with this song. Not only did the song-writing process feel so natural, the entire song was also written about a girl I was crushing on that was playing hard to get – and I could tell the tension between us was rising. I’ve always been shy to talk about my sexuality because of the norms I grew up with and the society I was surrounded by. Finally, I have a support system who can make me feel safe enough to share with this part of me in my music. Han (the director) really wanted to make that apparent in the video. The crew was made up of almost — if not all — BIPOC and LGBTQ members, and you can definitely tell we were just having a good time together. Everyone on set was a close friend and they made this project a dream come true for me.”

The 20-year-old queer singer-songwriter / producer is currently working on her 4th studio album, ‘GOVERNMENT NAME’, a Neo 80’s-Disco-Hyperpop album infused with themes of immigration, queerness, liberation, sex, love and feminism in collaboration with Dylan Allen Todd, otherwise known as, DAT.