Out now from LA’s Scarlett and The Fever: ‘Run Away’ is a soothingly funky musing on that urger we all feel sometimes to just flee our problems and head off into the sunset.

“lead singer, Scarlett, was driving home in LA traffic one very rainy afternoon back in 2016. Heavy with heartache, grief, financial stress and an overall feeling of restlessness, Scarlett felt strangely compelled to leave it all behind and run away. Driving past the homeless encampments, she was reminded of the daily struggles of the less fortunate who can’t escape their situation. How she wished she could do more for them as they struggled to stay dry during the downpour. But there are some problems that we simply can’t run away from. The lyrics were conceived out of empathy and compassion for these people, and for anyone who’s ever felt they needed to escape their daily reality. The underlying message of the song, however, is not to condone running away from our problems but rather to promote a shift in perspective, and run TOWARDS the solution…towards that “brighter day.”