Out now from bodyimage: ‘Who Cares?’

“Who Cares?” is an ode to giving in and letting go. It was written in November of 2020, which to me personally was one of the hardest moments of the pandemic. There were so many tense and sleepless nights leading up to it, the soul crushing reality that I wouldn’t be seeing my family during the holidays, the “What next? When will it end?” Dark and still very raw times for all of us, but it’s hard to talk about “Who Cares?” from my perspective without setting that scene. 

I was also going through the intense process of self and spiritual growth (as I’m sure a lot of us were), and I was experiencing the part of that where you have to make a choice: be the person you’ve always been to make everyone else comfortable, or embrace the growth and hope the people around you are game for this truer version of yourself. Even if that means losing a few. 

“Who Cares?” was written as a vent. The whole second verse was never even written down on paper. Something in me broke, and it just shot out of my mouth. I remember looking over to Jordan and he kind of had this shocked expression, and I asked “should I put something else down?” and he was like “No, that’s the one.” 

My biggest hope for this song is that it hits someone who needs to hear it. I want someone to hear it and have words to the pain they’ve been feeling, and know that it’s okay and I feel it too. I hope they hear the chorus and find a little bit of freedom in “Who cares? Oh well.” 

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