Out now from Toronto’s Goodnight, Sunrise: ‘Won’t Be Long’.

Founded in 2011 by Vanessa Vakharia (keytar, vocals) and David Kochberg (guitar, vocals) through a shared love of pop hooks, EDM drops, and the raw power of classic rock, Goodnight, Sunrise is a rock-and-roll-super-fun-dance-party band 

Originally penned in January 2020, new single, “Won’t Be Long,” has taken on an entirely different meaning. Looking ahead towards their 10-year anniversary as a band, Goodnight, Sunrise reflected on how far they’d come and how much further they still dreamed of going. 

“Won’t Be Long” was initially written as a pep talk to anyone faced with an uphill battle in pursuit of their goals, whatever they are – a song of hope and faith and perseverance. Now, over a year into a pandemic that has redefined every single aspect of everyone’s lives, “Won’t Be Long” has taken on a new anthemic meaning as we all grasp tightly at the belief that the end of this tunnel is slowly getting brighter.