Mutha-Falcon from Denton, TX, beautifully fuse punk, funk, and hip-hop to create your new favourite band. Their new single ‘End of Oblivion’ is out today, along with this amazing video. We caught up with the band’s vocalist Diya Craft to find out more …

We LOVE ‘End of Oblivion’. Tell us in your own words what the song’s all about? 
End Of Oblivion is about living through the modern collapse of society and the emotions that come along with it. I wrote the lyrics to reflect on the feelings of fear, frustration, stagnation and hopefulness that I was personally feeling at the time, as well as the greed, corruption, and repetition I observed in the world around me.

The video is sick! How did that come about?
The video is a collaboration with Shaun Colón of Dang!Records in Dallas, TX who approached us in 2019 with the idea of recording a song and video for his independent label. Our bassist Phil had already written the music around then so once I put lyrics to it we began production on the song in January 2020. We were going to start shooting the video in March 2020, then Texas went into lockdown right before we were set to shoot our video. Due to the severity of the outbreak in our area we paused working on the song and video until 2021 when we jumped back into it. We went through several ideas for the video, some of which didn’t pan out like we wanted, but everything worked out in the end and we were able to produce a final product that we’re proud of and hopefully our fans are proud of as well. 
We shot it over 2 days and it was a really fun experience, there was a lot of balancing involved for the hallway shots where we were being pulled on a cart along with Joel, the cameraman. For the full band shots we transformed the storage unit we practice in into the video set by clearing out our couch and everything else in the unit, then Shaun and Joel added some magnetic lights to the walls and we were good to go. Both nights were long nights but every second was worth it.

What’s your band manifesto?
Live bold, be bold.

Tell us about the Denton scene.
Denton has a pretty diverse music scene, especially [as] that the town is known for UNT’s music program and DIY house shows. Before covid you could see a noise band, a pop act, a few punk bands, a shoegaze band, and a rap lineup in the same weekend, if you knew where to go. Although live music paused last year, it’s been awesome keeping up with fellow local bands online during this time while live shows are slowly coming back. Some of my favorite Denton bands are our fellow bird band Hen and the Cocks, Radio Wore, and Strong Work. DFW is huge so I definitely want to mention some of Arlington’s bands as well since we play out there a lot and it’s definitely a scene on the rise. Cherry Mantis, Famous Exchange, Artemis Funk, Igemji, and everyone that’s apart of the SYLA crew. All of the bands I’ve mentioned are immensely talented and have been killing it, I’m truly happy to be a fan of theirs.

What’s next for Mutha-Falcon? 
After End of Oblivion is released we’ll be jumping back into to the studio to finish re-recording our first album The Book of Falcon: Vol 1 and will be documenting that process through vlogs and an upcoming documentary with even more things to come. So if y’all want to keep up with us make sure to follow us on our social media and YouTube, you won’t regret it.

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