Bringing us the most delightfully ingenious storytelling, is Nele Needs A Holiday, with their new track B-Sides. On the subject of a relationship in its death throws, with medieval knights, the lyrics are as funny as they are gut-wrenchingly sad. Coupled with Nele’s wry yet passionate delivery, this track and video combined are an absolute treat.

They say:

“It’s not always easy to break up with someone. Even if the feeling is totally gone, sometimes your lives are so intertwined that you cannot imagine how you could ever face the world without the other person there. Not so much in an emotional way, as you’ve been emotionally numb for quite some time now, but more from a practical angel. After all, your partner has a car. They pick you up at the airport. They pay most of the rent while you try to write your first novel. They know what to do when your WiFi connection fails. They are unmoved at the sight of a gargantuan spider in the shower, and bravely put it outside. They put out the trash, they mow the lawn, they are particularly beneficial for your credit score. And yet, you feel nothing for them anymore, except for an ever-growing annoyance. Does that make you a bad person? If you tried harder, would you be able to love them again? Everybody’s been there, and no one dares to talk about it.”

Indeed, how many people in the world are in unsatisfying relationships and are loathe to admit it? It’s desperately sad, but relatable and funny. The chorus is also absolutely stonking. Watch the video below: