Words by Jenny Rose

Hello and I must be sucker for punishment (I like it) as here is my second review. This time it is my pleasure to also share for your delight the premiere of the new music video ‘Raw Silver’ by Erika Lundahl.

Erika Lundahl is a musician and climate justice activist, living on traditional Duwamish Land in Seattle, USA.  This music video that we have the joy of sharing with you is from the album Daughter, I’m a Storyteller, out now. 

I like to watch and listen without having prior knowledge of the artist, much like I read books I basically choose by the cover. In this case, I really liked the name of the song ‘Raw Silver’ had a little listen and something grabbed me immediately.

I first listened to the song before watching the video – I like to have my ears filled with the sound before my eyes make up some of my idea about how I feel about it. Some of the first words:

“I like to walk to the edge of the boardwalk, I like to dream of the edge of my dreams, give me your name and I will taste you in colours”

and that was it I was in it for the long haul. I was imagining walking on Brighton Pier and looking through the cracks, being afraid of heights this is something that kind of terrifies me and excites me all at the same time, then having super lucid and vivid dreams, and tasting someone in colours sounds exhilarating. 

Then I watched the video and was grabbed by the fact that I really wanna be there dancing with the woman and listening to the song that perhaps she is singing to and around me. It made me feel that the importance of spending some time just being and accepting yourself for who you are shouldn’t be underestimated even for an extrovert as myself. The idea of just being in one place and watching the world go by as seen in some clips is wonderful. In fact, I would happily spend a day there it looked beautiful. Some of the final words in the song are sung repeatedly “hold me closer hold me closer dear” is an all-encompassing feeling after all who doesn’t want to be held closer.   So here is the video I have been banging on about hope you enjoy as I have and in fact, I have added her album to my ever-growing list of music to explore more.

At the end, the music video also shows some information about land recognition for the Duwamish. I have signed a petition to ask for federal recognition of the Duwamish Tribe, who should have received it under the 1855 Point Elliott Treaty, but never did due to colonialism. It’s up to you but seems a great petition to sign and Erika is passionate about it.

You can find a recorded show that will be airing April 23rd at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, the next place to find her – here.

All the social media links,  Patreon, where to find and buy her music are here www.erikalundahl.com