Out today from punk-hop hybrid supergroup RudeGRL & CC: ‘Like Wow’.

A high-octane, high-impact 2 minute anthem for outsiders everywhere. ‘Like Wow’ is a two fingered salute to intolerance, prejudice and hate. Touching on personal struggles with addiction and sexual abuse, and recovery, turning anger into positive energy and breaking free.

RudeGRL & CC is a collaboration between queer hip hop artist RudeGRL, virtuoso rock musician Chris Constantino and burlesque and twerk extraordinaire artist Bunni Morretto.

“I heard the beat and CC jamming along all these awesome riffs and this flow just came pouring out of me like I was possessed by the beat. In 10 minutes it was all done! We do talk about quite a lot of topics in our music but it’s so nice to just have a bit of fun and have a bit of a laugh. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!”


“Like Wow is such a fun, in-your-face track! As soon as I heard it I was like ‘yasssss’ and couldn’t wait to twerk to it!” 

Bunni Morretto