We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of ETAN‘s gloriously catchy new electropop single ‘I’m Back’. The video gives us dancing aliens exploring an eerily deserted central London.

“I wrote I’m Back after bouncing back from a relapse in my mental health. Ironically it speaks about being an “outsider” in your own life and feeling strange and detached… I didn’t know it was a matter of time till the whole world would feel the same. We’re all aliens, we can’t hide that we feel different, but we can exchange our fear with curiosity, and look at this as an opportunity to rebuild the life we want for ourselves.” 


ETAN was born in London to an artistic and musical family, starting her musical training at the age of 5. When she was 9, she moved with her family to Tel Aviv, where she has now built a strong presence in the Tel-Aviv indie scene. In 2017, ETAN – a passionate believer in freedom of speech and equal rights for all – decided to return to London to pursue her solo career.