Out today from Portugese indietronica duo Vaarwell, ‘Fall Back’ is out today, ahead of new new EP Consume & Grow due May 2021.

“Fall Back is our most hip-hop / r&b influenced track to date but it came about very naturally. The lyrics centre on trying to be a person of comfort to a loved one that is down, willing to become an adaptable, protective and warming barrier between them and their struggles, even if naively so. We started writing it just as we were packing for the move, and later worked on the production during the mandatory self-isolation period, upon our arrival in London. We didn’t have much to do during those two weeks, so the song ended up becoming our main focus and it was heavily influenced by our (limited) surroundings and the UK r&b/hip-hip acts that we were listening to on repeat. It felt important to simulate young choir-like vocals for the chorus, to give that warmth and full depth feel you have when you’re surrounded by a supportive bubble.”

On the video the pair say:

“We knew from the start that we wanted to film something more visual-focused in the heart of London, as this song’s production was heavily influenced by the city and its music scene. Tomás, the director, had also just moved from Portugal and we shared a common perspective of the city – that foreign factor of the newly moved in, an exciting but sometimes uncomfortable feeling. Instead of playing out a narrative, we opted for the colours and the aesthetic of the city at night to reflect the mood of the song along with the simplicity of wandering around a new city in a contemplative state, busy in our own thoughts and concerns.”

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