Out today, Naz & Ella‘s stunning new single ‘Internalised’ is our track of the day. Check out those lush harmonies!

Internalised is the first release from the London alt folk duo forthcoming EP (DE)HUMANISE, exploring the fear of “coming out” to yourself, and the manifestation of internalised homophobia within a relationship:

“Internalised homophobia is a very isolating experience and not only are you hurting yourself, but also those around you whether intentional or not. Whilst we think it’s important to take responsibility for your actions, we wanted to call out how growing up in a cisheteronormative world teaches queer people that there’s something wrong with us. Ultimately, only we can set ourselves free if we’re willing to unlearn that socialisation and push through the pain.”


“It was important to us that this song conveyed an emotional journey with a light at the end of the tunnel. Internalised starts with fear and pain, and ends with the overwhelming relief that comes with finally accepting yourself and being proud to be with the person you love.”

– Ella

To continue the conversation, Naz & Ella have also created a new podcast series with episodes on some of the issues they write about.