Today’s track of the day is ‘Ain’t In It For Our Health’ by Revue – a song reminiscing about the kind of Sunday mornings we’ve not been ‘enjoying’ for a while, waking up after a party.

“A famous musician once said ‘We ain’t in it for our health’ when asked about the partying that happened on tour. This tune tells the story of waking up after a party to end all parties with a headache to match, surrounded by bottles, bodies and the memories of the night before. Raucous guitars and a pulsing groove underpin vocals dripping with attitude and evoke the kind of revelry we’ve all become unfamiliar with in the last year!”

Quite nice waking up fresh though, eh.

Revue are a Belfast Irish indie-folk duo – singer Emma Loudon and multi-instrumentalist Marty Price. 

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