Bristol trio IDestroy are back – with new lineup and the trademark rock licks given a supercharged punk injection. New single ‘Petting Zoo’ is out today with ‘keep your hands to yourself’ message we can all get behind. It was written following frontwoman Bec being groped in a nightclub:

“A mixture of emotions overcame me – shock, anger, violation. Most startling was the confusion and helplessness I felt. What do you do in that situation? Petting Zoo is for everyone who’s had enough, who is tired of being leered at, sexualised and touched without consent.”

A glorious taste of album “We Are Girls’, slated for February.

“I wanted the songs to address issues that are important to us,” says Bec. “The experiences we’ve had as an all-female band – turning up to play gigs and being asked for our tickets or being given shorter soundchecks than boys on a bill – had been on my mind for a while. It’s vital to me that the songs have meaning. Not least because it makes them more fun to perform.”

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