Out now from Ontario, Canada’s Monowhales: ‘BL/FF’ (Better Lovers / Fake Friends) is some instantly gratifying indie-pop, on the timeless theme of the booty call.

“Imagine a late night – your phone dings and you get that far too familiar message. “U up?” appears in that blue text bubble and you say “fuck it.” You jump in your car at 3am, and turn “BL/FF (Fake Friends)” up, surrounded by streetlights and heavy feelings of lust on your way to some spicy sleepover.”

(I mean, I hate to be your actual mum here and point out that there’s still a pandemic on, so, you know, be more careful than usual with that sort of behaviour. But we’ve all been there haven’t we? Oh I remember this one time in the summer of 2001, it was a warm night and … why are you making that face? Fine. Anyway. Take care out there, pups.)

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