New York’s Vaeda Black just dropped ‘Wake Up’, some fresh indie pop goodness. She tells us:

“I wrote wake up in my bedroom over quarantine. I had so much time on my hands and I was restless. I kind of felt like every day was the same. I would wake up, work, repeat almost every day.  The only good thing about this time was that I was able to really explore my sound and work on writing…

Wake Up kind of encapsulates where my head was at during that time. Lyrically, I was just writing about how my hometown made me feel. Being there brings up a lot for me. It’s a place that I love, but also desperately want to run away from. I tried to incorporate that tension in the song. The verses are melodically simple, repetitive and monotone intentionally, to represent that “going through the motions” feel. The pre chorus and chorus are the release of that tension. My friends are really my escape from all of the bullshit that consumes my daily thoughts and feelings, so I also wanted to pay homage to them through this song.”

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